This is a character from my book project and her name is Meritali. An Elf at an visual age of about 40 (she is a lot older than that though, it's an elf thing) with a heavy burden and lots of setbacks of late.

The model is sculpted in ZBrush with Marvelous Designer for creating a base for the clothes. Lowpoly made in Maya where I also rigged it (HumanIK) and set-up of Blend shapes for the face. Textured with Substance Painter across three main sets of textures (Body, Clothes & Coat).

38 000 tris
30 000 tris without the coat
43 000 for the hair alone (not optimized nor done)

Deus Ex apt. No 33

Environment Art assignment for four weeks. I decided on making Apartment 33 in Deus Ex: Mankind divided; a part of Prague that touched my heart with its mix of old architecture and modern. I decided to add an elevator which was sorely lacking. After all, no augs allowed, just naturals; and they got tired feet.

The scene is built and rendered in Unreal Engine 4. All of the modular pieces was made in Maya and most of them textured in Substance Painter. This was also an PBR assignment where we had to craft a couple of Materials just using Photoshop (examples further down).

This next one is an alternative lighting scenario in which there is an emergency going on that warrants and evacuation of the tenants. I played around a bit more with colours with this one; with lights running sparely on backup generators where none essential lights turned calming blue, green showing the way out and red tells you where not to go.



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3D Graphics - Futuregames — Stockholm (2015-2017)

Futuregame logo A two-year vocational education with focus on advanced 3D graphics for game development; with texturing, rigging and animation with a wide range of software used in the industry. Involving 3 game projects made within group in a manner that imitate an industrial standard.

Digital Graphics - Nackademin — Stockholm (2004-2006)

A two-year vocational education with focus on learning the basics in 3D modelling, rigging and animation using Maya, Photoshop and more. Ending with an examination project where I single handed made a 3 minutes animated short film.

Work experience

Graphic artist/Programmer/Marketer - Adrina Media — Uppsala (2006-2015)

Running a very successful business in the virtual world of Second life; crafting and selling virtual products. Involving: Texturing, 3D modelling and rigging. Later on even complex interactive systems for customization.

Graphic artist/Web designer/Web developer - Adrina Media — Uppsala /Stockholm (2006-2015)

Developing of webpages, posters and marketing material for clients in Stockholm: Including stage entertainment companies such as Hamburger Börs, Wallmans Nöjen, 2Entertain and Act Stockholm.

Other experiences

Character Art, Rigging - Aegir: Submerged - Stockholm (Q2 2016)

For this game project I was in charge of the main character; from Sculpting and lowpoly to texturing, rigging and animation. Later on in the project I also helped out with VFX. Material setup in UNITY 5 using Shader forge.

Environment Art, VFX - Iron Might - Stockholm (Q1 2016)

For this game project I made modular environmental art and VFX with material setup in Unreal Engine 4.

Other other experiences

Pride Parade Volunteer/Group leader - Stockholm Pride (2013-2016)

In my role as Group leader (2015-2016), I was in charge of 7-12 volunteers to make sure streets were properly closed off and maintain security while the parade passes by.

Author - Usually on a train

Currently working on an untitled Sci-fi/Fantasy book project while commuting. To date: 100K+ words/180+ A4 pages.

Skill points

Software Achievements

  • Maya
  • Photoshop
  • Substance Painter
  • Quixel SUITE
  • Unreal Engine
  • ZBrush
  • xNormal
  • MotionBuilder
  • Marvelous Designer
  • Substance B2M
  • Coming soon

Language proficiency

Swedish (native)
English (full professional)


Phone: +46 (0)73 62 24 991
E-mail: info [ at ] adrina [dot] se

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